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Are You Getting Emergency Information?

In our efforts to provide more reliable communications with the residents and businesses in the Borough, we have partnered with Swiftreach Networks, Inc. as our emergency notification service provider.

In the past, the Sea Girt Police Department has used this system to provide information about weather related emergencies, crimes, missing persons, school lock downs, school closing, and other important time sensitive information.

Swiftreach Networks, Inc. has recently upgraded the system to provide better service and more flexible means of making notifications.  As a resident, business owner, or visitor to Sea Girt you may now manage the information you want to receive and how that information is going to be delivered.  Up to date contact information is the best way to insure you are receiving the information we are providing.  Please take the time to register as a user and add your updated information.  Be sure to add your address to receive geographically based notification.

If you have any questions about the system or how your information will be used, please feel free to contact the Sea Girt Police Department at 732-449-7300.


National Night Out Against Crime – 2014

National Night Out Against Crime

The Sea Girt Police Department will be hosting “National Night Out Against Crime” on August 5th, 2014 at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, NJ.  The event begins at 5:00pm and will run until 8:00pm.

National Night Out Against Crime – America’s Night Out Against Crime, began in 1984.  It was an effort to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are fighting back.  The event takes place on the first Tuesday of August annually.  The first year 2.5 million Americans celebrated a night out against crime in 400 communities throughout 23 states.  Today the annual event involves over 37 million people in 15,000 communities throughout the United States and Canada.  (See )

National Night Out Against Crime in Sea Girt will be a celebration with the community.  It is an opportunity for the members of the community to come out and be together with the public safety professionals who are there to protect them.  This year’s National Night Out Against Crime event will feature a classic car show, a bicycle safety rodeo (from 5:30-6:30), a mobile video game center and other activities.  Other activities and groups who will be participating include:

  • Police K-9 demonstrations
  • Fire safety information and fire truck displays presented by the Sea Girt Fire Company
  • Swimming safety information and equipment displays presented by the Sea Girt Beach Patrol
  • Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department
  • McGruff the Crime Dog
  • A blood mobile where people can donate blood
  • The Associated Humane Societies – Adopt a Pet
  • Drinking and driving goggle course for adults to see firsthand the dangers of drinking and driving
  • A mobile paper shredder truck to provide a place to shred household paperwork and help prevent identity theft
  • Shore Community Alliance
  • New Jersey National Guard
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • Operation Beach Head
  • The Spring Lake Heights Police Department
  • Food and soft drinks
  • And much, much, more….

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operation

This holiday weekend the Sea Girt Police Department will be conducting a pedestrian decoy operation in the area along First Avenue during the afternoon hours.  This area will be targeted due to the high number of pedestrians who cross at the various intersections to walk to the beach and bathing pavilion.  The Sea Girt Police Department receives complaints from citizens about drivers who often fail to stop as required.

The purpose of the pedestrian decoy operation is to target drivers who are discourteous to pedestrians crossing in designated crosswalks and help educate drivers who are not familiar with the pedestrian right of way laws.

During the operation an officer, in plain clothes will cross the roadway at clearly marked, designated crosswalks.  These officers will make it clear that they intend to cross the roadway.  Violators of the pedestrian right of way laws will be stopped and educated in an effort to prevent future pedestrian collisions.  Officers will also take the opportunity to educate pedestrians who are observed crossing in areas other than designated crosswalks.

In 2012 (the latest statistics published by the State Police) there were 553 traffic fatalities in the State of New Jersey and 163 of those were pedestrians1.  In Monmouth County there were 10 pedestrians killed in traffic collisions in 20122.   New Jersey has a high pedestrian fatality rate, at 1.58 per 100,000 population, it ranks 11th worst in the nation (2010)3.

Drivers in the State of New Jersey are required to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians who are crossing a roadway in a crosswalk and no driver shall pass a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian crossing in a crosswalk.  Pedestrians crossing New Jersey’s streets shall cross at crosswalks when available.  Drivers who fail to stop for a pedestrian in marked crosswalk is subject to 2 points and a $200.00 plus any applicable court costs or insurance surcharges.

Pedestrian decoy enforcement operations are expected to take place periodically throughout the busy summer months in Sea Girt and various locations.  Pedestrian safety is always a concern and therefore our officers will routinely enforce these laws at all times while out on patrol.

The Sea Girt Police Department hopes, through publicizing this enforcement operation in advance, the number of violations will be greatly reduced and pedestrian crossings will be safer.



3 PSE Training Resource – Civic Eye Collabrative

Fake IRS Scam Alert

On 6/26/2014 a resident of Sea Girt received a phone call from a phone number they did not recognize.  A voice mail was left.  The message was in a computerized voice indicating it was the Internal Revenue Service and they were attempting to collect a debt.  They were urged not to ignore this message and to call the number listed in the message immediately.

This incident is a scam.  The scam targets people and demands the victim to use a prepaid debit card, wire transfer, or credit card to settle the debt.  Often threats are used to take away the persons home, business, or driving privileges.

The scam artists will use the telephone to make contact with their victim.  The Internal Revenue Service will contact people by postal mail and not by telephone.

The scammers will usually require the payments to be made using a prepaid debit card, wire transfer, or credit card.  The IRS will not use these payment methods for settling a debt.

The following tips will help protect yourself from these types of scams:

  • Do not provide any account or personal information.
  • Never wire money to any person or company you do not know.
  • If you owe money, or think you owe money to the IRS for federal taxes, call the IRS 800-829-1040 or visit the website for the IRS at
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at

For more information on the IRS Scam please refer to the Federal Trade Commission Scam Blog at

Reminder – No Dogs on the Beach After March 15th 2014

Sea Girt Borough Ordinance 9-1.2O states;
Control of Dogs; Dogs Restricted During Certain Times. Dogs are prohibited on the beach from March 15 to September 30.

No person owning, walking or otherwise having custody or possession of any dog shall cause or permit such dog to go or be upon any part or section of the boardwalk at any time regardless of the manner in which such dog is confined and controlled.