The National Guard Training Center would like to remind visitors, passing through there facility, of there “no pet” policy which remains in effect throughout the facility.  Dog walking on the beach in the National Guard Training Center has been a particular problem in the years past.

Enforcement of the “no pet” policy within the beach area is particularly essential due to the presence of sensitive wildlife habitat and Federally-threatened species on the site.  These protected species include a beach plant ( seabeach amaranth),  a ground nesting bird (the piping plover), and several other State listed endangered or threatened species.  As part of the Army Environmental Regulation, the N.J. National Guard must protect these species.

“No Pet” signage will be posted at the northern and southern beach property boundaries.  The Sea Girt Lifeguards will enforce the policy during the course of their operations.  Repeat offenders of this policy will be reported to the Sea Girt Police Departments.

The public should also be aware that dogs and other domestic animals are prohibited throughout the year on the Borough’s boardwalk at all times.  Dogs and other domestic animals are permitted on the Borough’s beaches from October 1st though March 14th but must be on a leash at all times.  Any pet waste must be picked up by the person having control of the dog.  Domestic animals are NOT permitted on the Borough of Sea Girt’s Beaches from March 15th through September 30th at ANY time.

Questions regarding the National Guard’s “No Pet” policy may be directed to the National Guard Training Center at 732-449-5200 and questions regarding the Borough of Sea Girt’s pet policy can be directed to the Sea Girt Police Department at 732-449-7300.