In spite of the gloomy and chilly weather on Saturday May 25th, there was considerable vehicle traffic and a large number of pedestrians in the area of the Sea Girt Police Department’s pedestrian safety operation. The operation was conducted at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Beacon Boulevard. It was conducted for a period of two hours between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. This area often sees a large number of pedestrians in the area. The beach and bathing pavilion is located one block to the east. The Parker House (a bar and restaurant) as well as the Beacon House (a bed and breakfast) are both located at this intersection.

During the pedestrian safety enforcement operation plain clothed officers were walking across First Avenue in the south crosswalk at Beacon Boulevard. During this period there were 30 drivers who were found to violate New Jersey’s pedestrian safety laws. They were stopped and educated about the laws by uniformed officers. All of the drivers were given a warning for their violation and were provided a pamphlet which explains the law and any penalties which a driver might face if they fail to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians.

Officers also had the opportunity to speak to approximately 20 pedestrians who were in the area. Some were curious about the operation and officers took the time to explain the operation and the laws regarding pedestrian safety. Some were observed crossing in areas other than sidewalks and were educated in the right of way laws and how they can be safer.

The Sea Girt Police Department plans on conducting additional pedestrian safety decoy operations in the future. Since pedestrian safety is a priority, officers will routinely enforce the pedestrian right of way laws while on patrol.

The following link will show you the warning pamphlet which was provided to the drivers who were stopped during this operation.

Warning Pamphlet