Beach Patrol

The Beach Patrol Officers are Class I Special Officers and are deployed on the beach and boardwalk during the summer months or at times when nice weather bring an influx of visitors to the beachfront area of town.  The primary duties of the Beach Patrol Officers are to enforce beach regulations, maintain a proactive police presence on our beachfront and boardwalk, assist the public, lifeguards and other beach department staff members when needed. Beach Patrol Officers also conduct stationary traffic crossing posts near the beachfront.

The Beach Patrol Unit patrols primarily on foot in 2 or 3 zones.  These officers, at times, may also be seen patrolling the boardwalk and surrounding roadways on bikes or on an all-terrain vehicle or four-wheel drive patrol vehicle.

All Class I Special Officers are unarmed and all must complete police academy training mandated by the New Jersey Police Training Commission.

For many, becoming a Class I Special Officer is the beginning of their law enforcement career. Several full-time officers serving with the Sea Girt Police Department started as Class I Special Officers. Previous Class I Special Officers serve in numerous local, county, state, and federal agencies, as well as law enforcement agencies outside New Jersey.

These officers are proud to serve our residents and visitors to Sea Girt. We hope you come to enjoy our beautiful beachfront soon and take a moment to meet our Beach Patrol Officers.