The Sea Girt Police Department accumulates a large amount of police reports and information annually.  This will include all of our police reports, logs, computer aided dispatch records, citations, and other documentation.  All of these records are filed and made available through our records management system.

Requests made for information through the Open Public Records Act requests are handled according to the guidelines set by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office.

Requests for public records and police reports can be made through our records officer.  These reports are reviewed and prepared on a criminal court priority basis (those needed for court first are typed, reviewed, and filed first).  The time for a report to be completed, reviewed, and made available for release may vary.  Please be patient when requesting records as some requests may require seeking information from years ago and may be archived in a secure storage area.

You should also be aware that some reports, records, or specific information on reports may be restricted from public access or examination.  Our department will comply with the Open Public Records Act.  Some information on reports may be redacted (blacked out).

When picking up police reports or requesting the records be sent to yourself or your attorney, you must issue a check for the cost of the report.  The Sea Girt Police Department will no longer be accepting cash at our window.

Police reports can no longer be faxed to anyone, however reports can be emailed upon request with a verified email address.  Please see the fee schedule for the retrieval of police reports and forward any questions or requests to Records Officer Jennifer Fary at (732) 449-7300 ext. 401, or Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

The fees are as follows:


  • Actual postage for any report/disc mailed
  • $5.00 for each disc for either video or audio reproduction