Officers of the Sea Girt Police Department are most often seen acting in the patrol capacity.  It is the most utilized component of our police department.  The term “patrol” might be a little misleading as it actually encompass much more than just driving around the street, it is a much more generalized term.  Officers assigned to patrol will participate in a wide variety of activities during their shift.

Officers are assigned to patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Some of the general duties an officer may perform during their patrol shift include:

  • Answering Calls for Service
  • Responding to Emergency Calls
  • Responding to EMS Calls
  • Responding to Fire Calls
  • Investigating Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Conducting Initial Criminal Investigations
  • Providing Traffic Services
  • Enforcing Traffic Laws
  • Making Arrests for Criminal Activity
  • Keeping the Peace
  • Protecting the Quality of Life
  • Participating in Proactive Crime Prevention
  • Providing General Assistance to Residents and Visitors
  • Providing a General Police Presence in the Community

The Sea Girt Police Department utilized several methods of providing the patrol services to our community.  The most often seen method is through one of our marked patrol vehicles.   We also deploy officers on bicycle and on foot to target areas where quality of life offenses are most prevalent.

Our patrol officers are assigned to one of two / 12 hour shifts:

  • The Midnight Shift – 7pm through 7am
  • The Day Shift – 7am through 7pm

Some officers may work other, overlapping shifts as needed and during special events.