RAVE Smart 9-1-1 Alerts

Sea Girt Alerts

Public Safety and Informational Messaging System

  1. Sign Up – Click the image above or click this link.  Please complete your public safety 9-1-1 profile with pertinent information. 
  1. You may also text SEAGIRT to 67283 from your mobile phone. You will receive a welcome message with a link to complete your public safety 9-1-1 profile with pertinent information. 
  1. On your mobile device, you will be asked to download the Smart 911 app. This is a green logo with a padlock icon. It is advised to download this app to your mobile device.  The profile you create and the information entered will assist the 9-1-1 operator should you require 9-1-1 assistance. 
  1. In either case, you will be asked to enter personal information for your profile, when asked for a group code (optional) – DISREGARD THIS. 
  1. Enter the required information (denoted by * asterisk), and include an email address if you would like to receive alerts via email and phone. 
  1. When setting up your user profile: entering your primary addresses (home, work, etc) will help ensure that urgent messages that are applicable to a certain geographic area reach you in a timely manner. 
  1. The system may or may not recognize the address you entered and it could suggest a similar address that is more recognizable. If so, please select what is suggested and check it on the geolocate screen that will appear for accuracy. 
  1. The system will need to confirm that the phone number you entered to receive alerts is valid. You can confirm the number via phone call right away or schedule the confirmation call for a later time. 
  1. You have the option to enter additional information into your profile, such as your date of birth and a profile picture. 
  1. You have the option to share pertinent information regarding your home, utility locations, number, and location of bedrooms. 
  1. Please provide any detailed information about your address that you want 9-1-1 to know in case of emergency. Providing information is optional, but specific details can aid police, fire, and rescue personnel. 
  1. Now you can select to opt into SEA GIRT ALERTS and any other alert list you may be interested in due to geographic location. 
  1. In SEA GIRT ALERTS you may now select additional alerts that may be department specific such as Police, Fire, Emergency Management, Beach Patrol, DPW, Recreation, and Weather Alerts. You may select how you would like to receive these alerts via text, email or phone.  Please note that phone messages will only be sent for specific emergency-type events.  Should you wish to receive messages for more general type alerts or messages please ensure you select text or email as the delivery method. Text and Email will be the primary means of communication. 
  1. You have the option to add more information to your profile, such as emergency contacts, vehicle descriptions, fire hydrant location closest to your home, etc. This is not required but may be helpful to public safety officials during emergencies. 
  1. You can also select in your preferences the option to share this information with 9-1-1 when you dial 9-1-1. This is to support emergency preparedness and may be helpful if you have special medical needs or other considerations that should be known by public safety officials in the event of an emergency (if you need help evacuating, have service animals, utilizing oxygen, etc). 
  1. This system is now the primary means of alerts, messaging, and emergency communication for the Borough of Sea Girt. All prior messaging platforms such as Nixle, Remind Me, SwiftReach will be discontinued by July 1st  You may also follow the Borough’s social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Several of our departments such as the Police, Fire, and Beach Patrol maintain their own Instagram, Facebook, and or Twitter accounts as well for information.  
  1. Should you have any questions or need assistance please contact The Office of Emergency Management at 732.449.9335 x 603 or email tharmon@seagirtboro.com. You may also contact Borough Hall with any questions 732.449.9433. 
  1. Thank you for signing up, we look forward to staying in touch with you!