**A message from Chief Davenport**

Hello residents of Sea Girt, this is Sea Girt Police Chief Kevin Davenport.

I hope everyone is doing well and we are continuing to take the necessary precautions to limit exposure to our community.

I can tell you that here in Sea Girt, emergency responders, public works, administrative staff, emergency management officials and the Sea Girt Borough Council have all been working very hard daily to ensure our residents continue to receive the uninterrupted high quality of service that they are accustomed to.

I am cautioning residents to be mindful of a barrage of false information generating through social media and other media outlets. With the stimulus legislation approved, I am expecting scams to unfortunately not be too far behind. Please ignore phone calls or emails requesting bank account information, as this most likely will be scammers attempting to take advantage of this opportunity.

For up-to-date, accurate information on the COVID-19 health pandemic, go to www.CDC.gov or www.COVID19.nj.gov.

We have also closed the boardwalk to all pedestrians in an effort to eliminate contamination concerns. At this time, our beaches remain open unless social distance guidelines are not complied with. We continue to see numbers of positive cases increase in the state, county and here in Sea Girt. The numbers are expected to increase over next weeks as well. Our transient population has grown considerably throughout this health pandemic. Again I want to welcome you, but please be mindful many of you have come from areas up north considered to be a “hot zone” around the epicenter of this health crisis. Please, I am urging, begging and requesting you to voluntarily quarantine yourself and your family for 14 days if you have travelled down from New York City and the surrounding areas.

If you are interested in testing facilities in the area, please visit www.covid19.nj.gov for testing facilities in Monmouth County.

As we enter into week 3 of this crisis, let’s continue our efforts to flatten the curve of cases. Let’s also communicate with our neighbors, especially the elderly and neighbors with compromised health concerns. This is how we must all work together to get through this as a bonded community. I encourage any residents who may have any concerns with obtaining essential items or simply may just want to say hello to call me at (732) 449-7300 ext 418.