The Sea Girt Police Department was granted Accredited Police Agency Status today after a hearing by the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police.

As with many other professions, obtaining an accredited status has been a means of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.  To obtain an accredited status requires a review of an agency’s policies and practices by an independent entity to ensure the agency meets or exceeds the prescribed standards.

The Sea Girt Police Department began by conducting a self-analysis of our practices to determine how our existing practices could be adapted to meet the standards.  With the help of the Rodger’s Group LLC., the Sea Girt Police Department was able to meet, and even exceed, the 112 standards.

The community of Sea Girt and visitors to our community should feel confident in our policies and practices as they were heavily scrutinized throughout the accreditation process.

The standards used in the program have been selected by the Accreditation Commission.  The Commission is a committee from the New Jersey State Chief’s of Police Association (NJSACOP).  The standards have been based on the CALEA national standards as well as New Jersey statutory and regulatory laws.  There are 112 standards an agency must meet to obtain accredited status.  A team of assessors met for a two day period in September to see that our agency was meeting these standards.  They prepared a report which was turned over the NJSACOP committee on accreditation for their review.  After their review of the report, a hearing was held in Princeton Township on November 10th, 2011.  At this time the Chief of Police Robert P. Conway, along with Lt. Kremp (The Accreditation Manager) and Ptl. DeMillio (Assistant Accreditation Manager) were questioned by the committee about the contents of the assessors report.  At the conclusion of this hearing, the Borough of Sea Girt’s Police Department was awarded the accredited status.

A formal presentation of the accreditation will be made to the Borough Council at a public meeting in the near future.  The assessors report will now be forwarded to the National Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies for their review.  We are expecting CALEA to agree with the NJSACOP’s findings and grant our agency a national recognition of accreditation.