On Wednesday May 12th four officers from the Sea Girt Police Department graduated from the Monmouth County Police Academy’s 38th Basic Course for Class II Special Officers.  These officers conducted approximately 32 weeks of training in order to prepare them to supplement our department’s full time staff.  These officers must be prepared to respond to a variety of incidents which may arise.  They receive training in a wide array of the law enforcement field including use of force, firearms, criminal and traffic law, domestic violence investigation, ethics, first aid, and many other skills they will be required to deploy while on duty.

A Class II special officer is used to supplement the department’s full time staff during times when there may be a higher demand for police services such as during the summer months.  They are supervised at all times by the full time members of the department and are granted the same police powers at times they are on duty, supervised, and in the Borough of Sea Girt.  They follow our department’s mission in providing professional police services to the residents and visitors of the Borough of Sea Girt.

Congratulations to our new Class II Special Officer Graduates:

Nicholas Whelan

Kyle Early

Jeffery MacDonald

Matthew Kremp